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Wesleyan Releases Data on Interest Group Advertising

Almost 60 percent of Group Spending is Undisclosed Dark Money


Health and Hollywood!

The Norman Lear Center is casting a wide net and looking into how TV covers health with AcademiClip.


Weleyan Media Project Prepares for 2014

Launching a third project with AcademiClip, The Wesleyan Media Project is preparing for a busy season.


LSU Begins Local News Crime Study

LSU's Manship School of Mass Communication has signed on with AcademiClip.com for a new study on crime coverage in local news.


Wesleyan Media Project Expands YouTube Study

The Wesleyan Media Project has expanded work on the YouTube political ad analysis using AcademiClip



"AcademiClip now covers ALL 210 media markets in the US."

Our reach has been extended. We now offer 24/7/365 monitoring of every media market in the United States. For more information on how AcademiClip can be used in your organization or at your academic institution, please contact us!

Wesleyan Media Project

Most Negative Political Ads of 2012 So Far

The 2012 presidential race has been more blistering, negative and caustic than the race four years ago — and the general election hasn’t even officially started yet.

According to a study by the Wesleyan Media Project, 70 percent of campaign ads run so far this election cycle have been negative, compared with 9 percent over the same period of time in the 2008 presidential campaign. Read More...


About Academiclip.

"AcademiClip provides a turnkey solution."

Used in media research projects with a combined coverage total of over 720,000 hours of video, the AcademiClip system has been used by hundreds of analysts, and thousands of archive users.

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